who is the fastest character in anime

by Darrell Wolff 4 min read

He is often not in complete control of his body movements when using Godspeed. It is still quite effective during combat. Killua can move at speeds of over 550 mph, which is much higher than the speed of sound. He is also the fastest character in the anime.Apr 10, 2022

Who is the most evil character in anime, why?

While Shou Tucker is a strong contender for "most evil anime character," in terms of sheer body count, the award has to go to Father. Father is a homunculus who tricked the city of Xerxes into creating the conditions needed for him to acquire godlike powers, wiping out nearly the entire civilization in the process.

Who is the friendliest anime character?

Who is the friendliest Anime character from all of the Anime you have watched. I would say it's Gon Freecss, he's so innocent and extremely friendly with most of the people he meets, he's also always happy and very joyful. Tanaka's buddy who carries him around when he falls asleep. that guy is sooooo nice. I need an Ohta in my life.

What is the best anime character so far?

What is the best anime character so far?

  1. Attack on Titan (3 seasons - 59 episodes)
  2. My Hero Academia (4 seasons - 88 episodes)
  3. Naruto (720 episodes)
  4. Hunter x Hunter (148 episodes)
  5. Death Note (2 seasons - 37 episodes)
  6. One Punch Man (2 seasons – 24 episodes)
  7. Mob Psycho 100 (2 seasons - 25 episodes)
  8. Full metal Alc

Who is the strongest female anime character and why?

Though Caulifla is considered the strongest of the pair (and of her universe) Kale, her BFF and protege, becomes immensely -- and uncontrollably -- powerful once she goes Super Saiyan. Her scream alone can create craters, and she's survived Goku's point-blank Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha.


Who is the fastest character of all time?

1 The Flash Is So Fast He Can Go Back In Time More recently, The Flash is featured in 2016's TV animation Justice League Action. The Flash is another character who continues to get faster over time. His normal top speed is believed to be 2,532 miles per hour.

Who is faster Naruto or Minato?

While Naruto is faster than Minato, he still cannot teleport, which makes him inferior to the Fourth in another aspect.

How fast is Itachi?

Kirin struck at 1/1000th of a second once Sasuke's hand reached the end of its motion. That means Itachi had 1/1000th of a second to get Susanoo up or he would have died. Whether he tried to predict it or not, that is still impressive as that is faster than the speed of sound.

Who is the fastest Hokage?

With his signature technique, Flying Thunder God, Tobirama Senju was the fastest character in Naruto. But a few have now been able to beat the Hokage. Tobirama Senju is one of the most popular characters in Naruto.

Who is the fastest DC character?

That silly DC character shouldn't dare take the glory. Sonic is the fastest thing of all-time; he would beat The Flash in a race because his top speed is unknown. Sure, he's gone fast before, but he never races at his top speed, making his potential top speed infinite.

Who is the main character in One Punch Man?

14 Starfire Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics. The fast for the real real. 15 Saitama Saitama is the main protagonist of the webcomic and anime series One Punch Man, who could easily destroy a continent with one punch.

What is the name of the cartoon character in Looney Tunes?

4 Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. 5 Superman Superman is a comic character. And probably the first powerful superhero in the fictional world.

Who is Professor Zoom?

11 Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne, otherwise known as Professor Zoom and the Reverse-Flash, is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. 12 Kid Flash Kid Flash is the name of several fictional characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.

Is 21 infinite faster than Sonic?

21 Infinite (Sonic Forces) This guy's faster than Sonic! 22 Tracer Tracer is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Not as fast as the flash, quicksilver and sonic, but still very fast.

Who is the Flash?

1 The Flash The Flash is the name of several superheroes appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1.

Who is Zoom Hunter?

24 Zoom Hunter Zolomon, otherwise known as Zoom, is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The second character to assume the mantle of the Reverse-Flash, he serves as the archenemy of Wally West in the DC Universe. 25 The Scout.

What is the fastest cartoon character?

Top 10 Fastest Cartoon Characters. 1 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA. Sonic was able to break out of null space (basically the void) ...

How fast is Sonic?

Sonic is 193 times faster than the the speed of light he's number 1! he is the fastest on this list.

How fast can a coyote run?

In real life coyotes are faster roadrunners only run up to 20 miles per hour while coyotes can run up to 43 miles per hour making roadrunners easy prey but it's a cartoon so screw logic!

Who is the voice of Fuli in Lion King?

She is voiced by Diamond White.

Can Sonic 2 fly faster than Sonic?

In sonic 2 when he goes off screen he just appears on top of sonic which means he can catch up with sonic with ease, also he has a super form in sonic mania and sonic 3 & knuckles. Tails can fly almost as fast as Sonic can, flying just a little slower than Sonic. As shown in "Adv. of Sonic the Hedgehog" in 1993.

Is Quicksilver faster than the Avengers?

Quicksilver is a lot faster in the X-men than in the Avengers. But if you want to see how fast Quicksilver is then just look up "Quicksilver mansion scene X-men Apocalypse.". 5 Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.

Who is Quicksilver in X-Men?

4 Quicksilver Quicksilver is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in the comic book X-Men #4 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Quicksilver is a lot faster in the X-men than in the Avengers.

10 The Tasmanian "Taz" Devil Is Known For Spinning Ferociously Fast

One of the main antagonists from the Looney Tunes franchise is Taz. This character is a Tasmanian devil, a carnivorous animal native to the Australian state of Tasmania. Taz usually growls and makes grunting sounds to portray what's on his mind.

9 The Mask Is A Quick Thinker Who Is Fast On His Feet

The Mask began as a comic book series that was published by Dark Horse Comics. The franchise evolved and a movie was released in 1994 as well as an animated series in 1995. When the protagonist, Stanley Ipkiss, puts on the mask, his crazy alter ego comes out to play.

8 Speedy Gonzalez Is One Of The Quickest Cartoon Animals On TV

Speedy Gonzales is the fastest mouse in all of Mexico and was first seen on television over 60 years ago. This rapid rodent is another character created by Warner Bros . He also has musical talents and an exaggerated Mexican accent. He is usually causing trouble and terrorizing Sylvester or Daffy Duck by scaring them or luring them into traps.

7 The Rapid Road Runner Can Out-Run & Out-Smart Antagonists

Even though this bird has no dialogue other than "beep beep," Road Runner is the fastest cartoon character from the Looney Tunes franchise. Viewers were first introduced to the speedy cuckoo bird in 1949. Wile E. Coyote is the antagonist who spends most of his time chasing Road Runner and setting up traps.

6 Dastardly & Muttley Have The Fastest Car In The Race

Dick Dastardly and Muttley are the devious characters from Hanna Barbera's Wacky Races, which first aired in 1968. Although these two aren't so fast on foot, their vehicle, The Mean Machine, is the fastest car in the series. Ironically, they have never won a race.

5 Sonic The Hedgehog Can Run At The Speed Of Sound

Sonic The Hedgehog was originally a video game released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis console. The game was popular around the world which led to a Sonic comic book series and an animated TV series in 1993. Since then, the franchise has flourished and many more games have been released.

4 Quicksilver Runs Circles Around His Enemies

Also referred to as Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver first appeared on television in the 1966 TV series Captain America, where he was also a member of The Avengers. In later years, he is seen in the X-Men animated series and as a recurring character in X-Men: Evolution.