why do i like anime

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Why Do People Get So Obsessed With Anime?

  • Compelling Characters. Most anime fans become interested in their favorite shows because they like the characters. ...
  • Creative Visuals. ...
  • Interesting World Building. ...
  • Emphasis on Friendships and Relationships. ...
  • Studying Japanese History, Language and Culture. ...
  • Emotional Impact. ...
  • The Anime Community. ...

The characters are unique and interesting
Anime boasts such vibrancy and diversity in its characters. People in anime have dynamic personalities, they're whole people (even when they aren't human); they have dreams and goals, and beyond that, there's just so much variance in what they are.
Aug 8, 2018

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Why do people like mainstream anime so much?

One reason you see a lot of people like "mainstream anime", is because a large majority of anime watchers started out with those mainstream anime. Not saying all, just the majority. Mainstream anime tends to be really easy to follow, and a lot of times there's a definitive goal, protagonists, antagonists, and a lot of the same, basic plots.

Why is anime so hated and unpopular?

The isekai genre (normal person being sucked into a fantasy/virtual/parallel world) is a frequent occurrence in anime, but the fact that it was a girl being reborn as a spider made me curious. Unfortunately, the gag stops being interesting after a couple of minutes. First of all, you have no idea who any of the characters are.

Which anime should I watch?

What is your gender?

  • I know, I know: everyone hates this question, but I just have to ask! ...
  • What's your favourite class at school (yes, you have to pick one)? ...
  • RP time! ...
  • Favourite food? ...
  • Would you rather watch two-hundred-and-something episodes of an Anime of time, or keep it in the double digits? ...
  • What genres do you prefer? ...
  • Do you like romtanic programs/series/etcetra? ...

More items...

Why people should watch anime?

  • Psycho Pass.
  • Kino’s Travels.
  • Naruto.


Is it weird to like anime?

No there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking anime. People like what they like. We all have different preferences when it comes to what we do in our spare time. There are some of my friends know that I like anime and think its kinda weird, but they still accept me for who I am.

Is anime an addiction?

Of course, watching anime can be a compulsive addiction. It's similar to compulsive gambling, Tumblr reading, and other compulsive behaviors. Anime may ease your anxiety, but the association, if you aren't careful, can create anxiety.

Is it normal to like a anime character?

Falling in love with a fictional character is not unusual, and many people have found themselves emotionally attached to a character in a book, movie, TV show, or video game. You do want to be careful that these romantic feelings don't prevent you from living your life or having real romantic relationships.

Why is anime so special?

For decades, Japanese anime characters appeal to viewers because of their distinct look-and-feel, including themes, artwork, storytelling, cultural nuances, and concepts. They are unlike Western comic characters scribbled on the paper like Superman and Spider-Man.

How do you become a weeb?

This is the ultimate guide on how to be a weeb....Because it's more than just interest—it's a lifestyle.Step 1 – Speak Fluent Weeb. ... Step 2 – Get an Anime Education. ... Step 3 – Unleash Your Otaku Fashion. ... Step 4 – Enjoy Your Bento. ... Step 5 - Embrace Your Inner Weeb With an Anime Box.

What are you called if you like anime?

Otaku (Japanese: おたく, オタク, or ヲタク) is a Japanese word that describes people with consuming interests, particularly in anime, manga, video games, or computers. Its contemporary use originated with a 1983 essay by Akio Nakamori in Manga Burikko.

Why do I find anime attractive?

Because they mimic humanoid appearances and are drawn to be attractive. This. Anime / manga characters are designed for emphasis on appeal.

What does schediaphilia meaning?

schediaphilia (uncountable) A paraphilia in which a person is sexually attracted to cartoon characters.

Who is the most simp anime character?

Top 10 Biggest SIMPS In Anime#1: Bam. “Tower of God” (2020)#2: Subaru. “Re;Zero – Starting Life in Another World” (2016-) ... #3: Kazuya. “Rent-a-Girlfriend” (2020) ... #4: Sanji. “One Piece” (1999-) ... #5: Misa. “Death Note” (2006-07) ... #6: Slaine. “Aldnoah.Zero” (2014-15) ... #7: Zenitsu. “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” (2019) ... #8: Futoshi. ... More items...

Why is anime addicting?

like myself, some people are addicted to anime because it's fun, action-packed, comedic, and entertaining, it's like a show that's so good you can't help but watch another episode, and the characters are cute and different.

Do Japanese adults watch anime?

There is something like this for all different demographics in Japan – and this gives anime a really broad and diverse audience. This, really, is the great achievement of specifically Japanese anime: even adults enjoy it.

Why is anime so aesthetic?

Why can people of all different backgrounds see themselves in anime characters, and why does Japanese anime reach audiences across the globe? The first reason that anime is so appealing is its physical and aesthetic allure. Simply put, animation just keeps getting better and better.

What is anime for?

Anime is for all ages and can fall under the category of comedy, drama, adventure, or action. There is something for everyone. So why do people like anime? The list goes on and on.

What are the themes of anime?

Weapons are used. Disturbing scenes take place. There are a lot of deep, adult themes in anime. Most anime shows and movies revolve around death, acceptance, morality, or even war.

What is the anime about the death of the fireflies?

Most anime shows and movies revolve around death, acceptance, morality, or even war. Grave of the Fireflies is about two children who lost their mother during aerial attacks on Japan in World War II and are left to fend for themselves .

Can anime have super powers?

A character can have superhuman powers or shape-shift or have any combination of features. There are no limits with anime. The scenes are not restricted to what can realistically be filmed on a set with physical people, which means a show could have ghosts, pirates, samurais, or space cowboys. Anything could happen.

Is anime a horror movie?

Anime is filled with storylines that will draw you in and keep you guessing. There are some scenes that will disturb you as much as any horror movie you have ever seen and there are other scenes that will make you weep for hours. Even though you aren’t watching real people, you will experience real emotions.

Why do people like anime?

The reason why people like to watch Anime is the same as why some people love to watch sitcoms, documentaries, movies, and cat videos on youtube. Most of the time, anime is able to explore some pretty complex plot and storyline, e.g. alchemy, vampirism, robot, artificial intelligence and many more.

What is anime entertainment?

Anime is a form of entertainment much like a favorite movie or TV series. A favorite sport or pastime. It is all a pastime. Anime is a work of art that is animated into life. It is also brought to that point of life by working voice actors who give anime characters a sense of life and personality.

What is anime art?

Anime is a work of art that is animated into life. It is also brought to that point of life by working voice actors who give anime characters a sense of life and personality. Almost like a living person. The anime industry can easily be seen to be built by the hard work of not a few p. Continue Reading.

What is the comedy element in anime?

Comedy : The comedy elements in anime or manga is very unique.. At first one must find it silly or strange but once u get used to it… the comedy makes u feel happy and also u tend to act like it also…. This unique comedy is not found anywhere in any fiction u watch..

What are the genres of anime?

A wide and unique range of genre and themes: anime has many genres that other nations outside of Japan simply don’t have, such as: mecha, harem, high school slice of life, etc. Many fans really like these genres. The style: anime and manga have a very unique artistic style that can’t be found in other media.

Why is Neoteny so addictive?

It’s addictive because it offers struggling people a form of passive escapism to a happy place. Anime and manga traffic in neoteny. The characters have juvenile traits like big eyes and big heads and engage in juvenile behavior even if they’re adults. Emotional expression is exaggerated and childish.

What is western animation?

In western animation, however, almost all animation is aimed at children with very childish narratives, basic visuals, and generally unin. Continue Reading.

How does anime affect mood?

Many anime shows have distinctive art styles that incorporate colors in beautiful and vibrant ways. Being exposed to all of these colors regularly can positively impact your mood, or maybe even help you pay attention to the vibrant colors around you in your daily life.

Why are anime otaku so happy?

However, anime otaku (people who are totally obsessed with something – in this case – anime) tend to be highly satisfied in life, and I think it has a lot to do with these 10 reasons: 1. They’re immersed in vivid colors regularly. Many anime shows have distinctive art styles that incorporate colors in beautiful and vibrant ways.

Why are anime nerds so comfortable?

Anime nerds are used to being called weird and many of us are actually much more comfortable with ourselves because of it. 10. They get to cosplay. One final reason that anime nerds are highly satisfied in life is cosplay. Cosplaying is when you dress up like a character from an anime, comic book, movie or even a TV show.

What are anime nerds used for?

Anime nerds are used to jumping into highly fictionalized shows and use their imaginations much more regularly than your average person. As a result, they’re generally much more creative and open minded than others. 4. They explore meaningful concepts regularly. Advertising.

What is the best part about watching anime?

One of the best parts about watching anime is how often a show can surprise you. Sometimes for the better; sometimes for worse. But if anime nerds know one thing, it’s that anything is possible.

What is it like to cosplay?

Cosplaying is when you dress up like a character from an anime, comic book, movie or even a TV show. It’s kind of like dressing up for Halloween, except whenever you feel like it. Cosplaying can lead to greater life satisfaction because it’s typically done with other, like-minded people at large conventions.

Is friendship a good idea in anime?

Of the core concepts discussed in anime, friendship is often one of them. Many shows place emphasis on how rare a truly good friend is, and this makes many anime nerds really appreciate the good friends they have.

Why shouldn't I watch anime?

Here’s why I’d recommend you don’t watch anime. 1. Once you get hooked, you’ll never be able to quit. Anime is like a “good” type of drug. Or even a better version of sugar. It tastes sweet, it’s easy to digest, and it helps you learn about new things and see life from a fresh perspective. Watching anime like.

Can you laugh at anime?

And on top of that – anime is designed in a way where facial expressions look ridiculous and it’s hard not to laugh at it. Once you start laughing, you’ll never be able to return to “normal” TV ever again. Because only anime can do what anime can do. 3. You’ll learn a lot more from anime than “regular” TV.

Is anime hate justified?

The hate for a LOT of things isn’t justified in the world of entertainment. But anime happens to get the worst end of the stick when it comes to criticism and backlash. If you start to watch dozens and dozens of anime shows, you’ll see a lot of the hate isn’t grounded in reality.

Is anime a form of entertainment?

The world of anime is like NO other form of entertainment. Not even in the slightest. Anime takes a unique approach to comedy, because the Japanese are amused by different things than other parts of the world. They find “humor” in topics that differ from the norm.