should i watch the anime or read the manga

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If you really want to love this plot and you wonder whats missing after watching the anime, you should first read the manga. The manga addresses every nook and corner of the plot leaving relatively fewer plot holes. The anime is riddled with a series of plot holes and confusion as crucial scenes have been removed all together.

If you want a shortened, fast-paced version of a manga before you read it, you'll want to watch the anime first. Like I previously mentioned, manga are much more detailed. That makes it a fantastic supplement to its anime counterpart. Manga often comes with scenes and dialogue that you just won't see in the anime.Nov 23, 2019

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Do you prefer watching anime or reading manga?

Not only for naruto but for any other anime like one piece, fairy tail etc. There are some pros with watching anime and reading manga. You will be caught in the theme of the music and it drives the emotion of the scene which makes the anime more beautiful than to read manga.

Should I watch Naruto or read the manga?

If you like naruto and want to watch fillers, watch anime. Then you will get more fun out of it;) If you want to finish Naruto as fast you can and get the story, without any fillers, go for the manga, but if you wanna waste your time and enjoy the story with proper effects, go for the anime.

Should I read the Bleach manga or watch the anime?

Always read the manga when you can. You’ll avoid all the nonsense anime has to do and also fillers. But Bleach anime is actually pretty good. Save up to 80% on your next printer ink cartridges! features an extensive collection of discounted ink refill cartridges. Shop and save now! I would advise you to read the manga.

Are the anime series any good?

Some of them are good but most of them are boring. And in popular anime like Naruto has well over 25% of all episodes are fillers. And thirdly you can read a manga chapter quicker than watch an anime episode. This would allow you to save time.


Is reading manga better than anime?

7 Reading Manga Is Faster Than Watching Anime Manga/anime fans who are pressed for time can enjoy a story much quicker in manga form than anime form for this very reason, and that makes it much faster to read all of One Piece's manga than watch the entire anime. Not everyone has time to slog through 1,000+ episodes.

Should I read the manga before or after the anime?

If you want to see their story fully developed, just read the manga. The anime will only leave you unsatisfied. Better to read the manga?

Is it OK to read manga after watching anime?

If you are new to manga and anime you may read manga AFTER watching anime. Because it will be useful to you to connect with the concept of manga. And then you can read manga BEFORE anime.

How long does it take to read a manga?

1-2 hours for an average-sized volume. 250 Chapters of Fairy tail in 3 days. 400 Chapters of One Piece in a week. 577 Chapters of Naruto in a week.

Is anime more popular than manga?

your name, the most popular anime movie of the year has sold nearly 16 million tickets. As oppose to the most popular manga magazine having a weekly circulation of 2.1 million with its most popular title seeing sales of 3 million every release.

Why is anime so much better than manga?

anime adds a lot of content to the pretty short manga, and most of the series is original. And, while the manga is by no means bad, the anime exists on a whole other level; the characters are more fleshed out, the humor is funnier, and the voice cast is amazing. Also, the music.

Why anime is better the manga?

1 Manga Requires More Concentration It's a lot easier to passively watch an anime than it is to read manga. In fact, most fans find it impossible to passively read manga - otherwise they miss important information. With anime, fans can go about their day and watch an anime at the same time.

10 Manga Tends To Tell The Complete Story

If someone believes that reading manga is better than watching anime, their reasoning will be a combination of the best perks of manga and the worst aspects of anime, or a combination thereof. For example, while some anime series manage to tell the complete story of the original manga, most don't.

9 Manga Never Has Bad Or Weird Animation Technique

Many modern anime series have excellent animation techniques, such as the popular Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga. Others have just mediocre or notoriously bad animation, such as The Seven Deadly Sins, which has inspired some unflattering nicknames such as "the seven deadly frames."

8 Manga Isn't Dependent On Streaming Rights

Anime streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Funimation are excellent sources of anime, along with Netflix and Hulu. Still, some series are never streamed because certain platforms simply don't have the rights to them. Some series, such as Wotakoi and Grand Blue Dreaming, are barely streamed anywhere at all in the West.

7 Reading Manga Is Faster Than Watching Anime

In general, people read words much faster than they can speak, which means an anime show or TV show will deliver its content more slowly than any comic book, novel, or manga volume. A sentence that can be read in two seconds might take eight or more to speak aloud in anime.

6 Some Manga Series Don't Even Have An Anime

A particular downside to being an anime fans is the fact that many solid manga series never got an anime at all, so an anime-only fan is locked out of these stories entirely. Some anime fans won't mind, but others will realize just how much they're missing out on.

5 Manga Has Great Art Impossible To Animate

Granted, some manga series do have fairly simple art that is easy to adapt into a lovely anime series, and a few manga series are actually improved this way. But the reverse is more common, and that works in any manga fan's favor. Some art simply cannot be animated.

4 Collecting Manga Is Fun For Some Fans

Not everyone has the budget or the room at home to collect dozens or hundreds of manga volumes, but it is a wonderful hobby to have for those who do. Some people love to collect physical items, and manga fans can buy a few bookshelves and stock them up with every volume of their favorite series.

10 Music Connects Fans To The Story

Anime has created some of the best music - from dramatic orchestral tunes to lighthearted pop tracks. Watching a fight scene or a death scene is much more impactful for fans who have the right music playing alongside it. It's harder for a manga to evoke the same emotions when anime fans have to read the content instead of experiencing it.

9 Animation Takes A Manga's Story To The Next Level

Anime is well-known for its fantastical animation. It's one thing to read about a story, but it's completely different to see it in motion. Series like Jujutsu Kaisen, Violet Evergarden, and Your Lie In April have breathtaking visuals that truly capture the spirit of the manga.

8 Voice Acting Helps Fans Understand How The Characters Feel

When it comes to dialogue, there is only so much a manga can do to get the character's tone across. No matter how much punctuation is added, the emotions don't feel as real until they're heard.

7 There Is Far Less Reading When Watching Anime

Mangas require a lot less reading than other books. The majority of a story is visual with speech bubbles to help fans understand the plot. For those who aren't a fan of reading or struggle with reading, watching anime allows them to experience the story.

6 Colors Bring The Manga To Life

There's nothing like seeing a great manga get transformed when animation, music, and vibrant colors are added. Color imagery gives a new level of character understanding by introducing the colors of the character's hair, eyes, and clothing. The vibrant blue of Gojo's eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen is incredible when shown in full color.

5 Anime Openings Get Fans Excited

Anime openings are one of the best parts of watching anime. The opening sets the tone for the series and showcases songs. Despite being aired in the '90s, fans still talk about how great the opening to Cowboy Bebop is.

4 Fans Learn The Correct Pronunciation

Anime and manga are loved by fans all over the world. It stands to reason that some fans will have trouble pronouncing names and locations. The majority of manga and anime is Japanese, and these places/names deserve their correct pronunciation.