should i watch persona 5 anime

by Asia Emard PhD 7 min read

Is Persona 5 really that good?

Persona 5's modern, urban setting sets it apart form a lot of other RPGS in that it confronts some very realistic and upsetting issues which happen in real life. However; for the most part it does a good job tackling these issues, and only brings them up to raise awareness about them and encourage change.

How good is Persona 5?

Persona 5 Strikers is the widely lauded follow-up to ... All in all, it’s a pretty good slate of games given that anyone subscribed to the service can download them for free.

Why Persona 5 is bad?

The plot felt rushed (and this is coming from someone who has only watched play troughs of the game because they own a fricking X-Box one) and the animation is pretty bad. People had always viewed Persona 5 as cool but here it's anything but.

Who is the best Waifu in Persona 5?

  • Makoto
  • Takemi
  • Hifumi
  • Futaba
  • Ann


Is Persona 5 a good anime?

overall, i'd recommend this anime, even if the reviews aren't the best, it's ... overall, the anime is pretty good, i played the game and enjoyed it alot, since i liked the game so much, i decided to watch the anime. the anime is for sure not as good as the game, but this is persona were talking about!

Should I watch the Persona anime?

The anime adaptation of Persona isn't as good as the games but is still very entertaining. You can watch the anime before playing the games and still enjoy the games if you decide to get into them later on. The only underwhelming aspect of the Persona series is its main character.

Does the Persona 5 anime follow the game?

The Persona 5 anime is mostly a straight adaptation of the original game. That is to say it does not cover any material from Persona 5 Royal. That may not be the case for long though. In regard to the Persona 4 anime, that was re-released to include storylines from the PS Vita port, Persona 4 Golden.

Is Persona 5 considered an anime?

Persona 5 The Animation is a television anime adaptation of Persona 5, produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Masashi Ishihama. The anime is licensed by Aniplex and began airing on April 7, 2018, with Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and Hulu streaming the series to North American audiences.

Are Persona 4 and 5 connected?

The cast of Persona 4 is referenced in Persona 5, as Goro Akechi is described as being the second coming of the Detective Prince, with Naoto Shirogane (one of the party members in Persona 4), being the first.

Is Persona 5 strikers a sequel?

Strikers is actually a sequel to the original Persona 5. This is largely due to the fact that Strikers and Royal were in development at the same time. Meaning that many of the details weren't yet confirmed. So, the team decided to make go with the more straightforward option being following on from Persona 5.

Is the Persona 5 anime canon?

Every Persona game (unless otherwise specified) has been considered canon. It's been like this for quite some time. The Persona 5 anime and the (newer) manga have had direct input from Atlus. As opposed to the older manga, which was only licensed by Atlus.

Does Persona 5 anime have romance?

4 days agoPersona 5 has a bevy of romance options, some better than others. Today, we're checking out the best and worst of them. Persona 5 has a ton of romances to choose from. You would need to play through the game about nine times to get through every romance scenario.

Are the Persona series connected?

The connections between the Persona games are a little twisted, as many of these games are not exactly direct sequels, but they often feature cameos or references to characters or happenings from past games.

What was wrong with the Persona 5 anime?

Persona 5: The Animation has learned nothing from the success of its predecessor, turning Ren Amamiya into one of the most boring one-note characters in the entire series and falling far short of doing justice to the character's potential.

How many hours long is Persona 5?

around 97 hoursPersona 5's main story clocks in around 97 hours, but most players will have engaged in at least some side content by the endgame, as Confidants and Mementos runs are basically necessary to beat the game. With extra content, the number of hours can reach 115 and beyond.

Did the Persona 5 anime get Cancelled?

Even though the hype got stronger every time, Persona 5: The Animation hasn't been officially renewed for a second season. However, this does not shut doors for its renewal as CloverWorks has plenty of time on its hand to announce and work on the second installment of the show.

How long is Persona 5?

Nope. Usually these anime adaptations from video games cut many stuff. Besides, Persona 5 is a 80+ hour game. If this is only 2-cours, expect plots to be cut or even rushed.

Is the P4 adaption a good replacement for the P3?

Eh, if it's like the other adaptions (P4 main series, P3 movies), it'll be perfectly adequate as an adaption, but not a good replacement for the game.#N#I guess it'll work if you're just interested in the main story, but the interactions with other characters via their side stories will probably be glossed over or rushed through.

How many episodes are there in Persona 5?

If what you loved about Persona 5 is the struggle of man versus the whole world, you may like Kill la Kill. It ran from 2013 to 2014 and has 24 episodes. The style and story are very unique and it is a great example of the creativity of anime. Like Persona 5, it combines school life with a more action-oriented story.

What is Persona 5 inspired by?

One of these unique traits in the music. Persona 5's music was inspired by jazz, swing, and the music out of the 1930s. Baccano! offers some of the same music that inspired Persona 5.

How many episodes are there in Bungou Stray Dogs?

Bungou Stray Dogs is about some paranormal investigators. It aired in 2016 and is pretty short, with just 12 episodes. The anime goes a lot into the world of the literary and we even get to see F. Scott Fitzgerald in the show! Some authors even have to face their own creations.

Is Death Note darker than Persona 5?

If you like the idea of cleansing the world of its most corrupt people, Death Note may be for you. However, it is quite a lot darker and more cynical than Persona 5's take on the subject!

What is the persona series?

The Persona series revolves around the themes related to the human psyche. The characters face their worst nightmares, and they must overcome them so as to become better people and form stronger bonds with those around them. Persona.

Is Persona 3 standalone?

However, it is interesting to note that the stories in Persona 3, 4, and 5 are pretty self-contained and standalone. Their stories are entirely different and unrelated, so even if you don’t watch them chronologically, it will be fine.

Is Persona based on a game?

The Persona series is based on the RPG video game franchise that goes by the same name. It’s not every day when we get an anime where the main cast gets transported to a mysterious world via electronics such as a TV or a cellphone. On their arrival, their subconscious gets a physical manifestation, and they are forced to face their darkest ...

Is Persona Trinity Soul a spin off of Persona 3?

The order is recommended just so you can easily keep track of the show while watching it. Persona: Trinity Soul is actually a spin-off to Persona 3, so watch it after completing the latter series. PERSONA5 the Animation Trailer 1. Persona Trailer. 3.

Is Persona anime good?

The anime adaptation of Persona isn’t as good as the games but is still very entertaining. You can watch the anime before playing the games and still enjoy the games if you decide to get into them later on. The only underwhelming aspect of the Persona series is its main character. Since the anime is adapted from a video game, ...