should i watch danganronpa anime

by Skyla Barton 8 min read

What order do I watch Danganronpa in?

Order is:-Danganronpa: The Animaton-Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (Game, you should watch someone play this or read an in depth summary)-Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak (You should alternate between Future and Despair but start with whichever you want)-Super Danganronpa 2.5 (Itll make sense when you watch)

How do you watch Danganronpa?

  • Watch episode 1 of Side Future
  • Then episode 1 of Side Despair
  • Then episode 2 of future
  • And ep 2 of despair
  • And so on, interlacing them like that. Yes, this is the intended watch order.
  • When you have watched all Side Future and Side Despair, watch Side Hope, the grand finale of the franchise

What can you watch Danganronpa on?

Watch Order (Anime)

  • Danganronpa: The Animation
  • Danganronpa 3: Future Arc
  • Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc
  • Danganronpa 3: Hope Arc
  • Danganronpa 2.5 Nagito Komaeda Sekai no Hakaimon

Does Crunchyroll have Danganronpa?

You should play the game instead of watching the anime, it sucks. Both animes (Danganronpa the animation and Danganronpa 3) are definitely on Crunchyroll, but now they don't seem to appear at all for some reason. It might've been a recent change too.


Should I watch the Danganronpa anime first?

Danganronpa (2013) To kick things off, you'll want to watch the titular series that first aired in 2013. Danganronpa will introduce you to 16 students trapped within Hope's Peak Academy as Monokuma, an animatronic bear, attempts to entice them into killing classmates to graduate.

Is it OK to just watch Danganronpa anime?

Yes for the first show: Trigger Happy Havoc you can watch without playing the games. However if you want to watch Danganronpa 3 (the anime after this one) you should definitely play the Second game before watching the despair arc and future arc.

Can you skip the Danganronpa anime?

Unless you want to watch the Danganronpa 3 anime and be up to speed for like, one single episode, you can totally skip it. As mentioned above though, the anime does contribute somewhat to V3, so it's really up to you!

Is Kokichi in the Danganronpa anime?

Kokichi Oma was a normal talentless high school boy who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa.

I. TV Series

Danganronpa the Animation is an abridged version to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc which was the first game of the Danganronpa series.


As an OVA This little bit isn’t terribly crucial. Also, The viewer is introduced to the basic story through a blend of the game’s second along with Danganronpa 3. Then the story is further specifics.

2. Danganronpa: The Animation

If you’ve played the first game, there is no reason to see the anime adaptation unless it is for entertainment. Although you could skip the first game the adaptation of the anime is somewhat rushed and skips some aspects.

4. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Considering this is more of a third person shooter which was quite the departure from the visual novel style main games, Ultra Despair Girls may not be something you are interested in playing. In addition, it essentially just gives some more backstory on characters you will see later.

9. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

The latest and third game isn’t connected to anything else, including that third series of anime. Also, it’s a funny middle finger to fans. Finally, It sounds like a bad game however it’s not but the developers were playing us with their wits in the end, and I enjoyed it.

What is Danganronpa based on?

About Danganronpa. Danganronpa is an anime based on the video game series of the same name. The story takes place in Hope’s Peak Academy, a high school that only accepts ‘ ultimate ‘ or the most brilliant students of the country. Makoto Naegi, an ordinary student with ultimate luck, gets enrolled in the academy.

How many episodes are there in the first anime?

Although the complaint is justified (since the gameplay is over 20 hours and the first anime has only 13 episodes ), the anime does a great job in covering the whole plot in a zippy way. There are 3 seasons in the anime and a total of 36 episodes.

What is Makoto Naegi's role in the Academy?

Makoto Naegi, an ordinary student with ultimate luck, gets enrolled in the academy. Under mysterious events, the students are forced to face a situation similar to battle-royale, where they must kill each other in order to get out of school. The additional rule being that the murderer has to kill in secret.

Who stops Ryota Mitarai?

Makoto Naegi and the other survivors head out to stop Ryota Mitarai, receiving help from some unexpected allies along the way. Memories are remembered, and feelings are felt as the final battle between hope and despair comes to an eventful conclusion.

Who is Koichi Kizakura staying with?

But just being at the crime scene is dangerous enough itself. Meanwhile, Byakuya Togami looks for a way to break the Future Foundation out of the building, but certain obstacles prevent him from reaching that goal.

What does Makoto Naegi do in Hope's Peak Academy?

Being just a normal student without a special talent, Makoto Naegi wins a lottery to attend the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy where only the top prodigies attend. However, instead of this being the beginning of a wonderful high school life, it's a ticket to despair, because the only way to graduate from Hope's Peak Academy is to kill one ...

Why did Sakura become Monokuma's mole?

Makoto overhears that Sakura had been forced to become Monokuma's mole as he took her family hostage. As Makoto feels he should not jump to conclusions until he has talked to Sakura, Kyouko becomes annoyed with him for keeping secrets from her. After exploring the fourth floor, containing some locked rooms that Monokuma forbids breaking into, the girls catch up with Alter Ego, who reports that Hope's Peak Academy was placed under lockdown due to a terrible incident that occurred, theorising that the school's true principal may be the one pulling the strings. He also discovers another strange photo, this time of Sayaka, Celestia and Hifumi together. Afterwards, Monokuma announces to everyone that Sakura is the mole, hoping to bring about another murder. As Aoi becomes angered with the mean words said about Sakura, she ends up getting into a scrape with Genocider, leaving Sakura angered that innocent people got involved.

What is the story of Ruruka Ando?

Monaca Towa's prophecy comes true when Kyoko Kirigiri's NG code is violated , because of Makoto Naegi. To bring an end to this dreadful game of despair, Kyosuke Munakata decides it's time to decide whose hope is better: his or Makoto's.

What happened to Sayaka in the shower room?

The next day, however, Makoto discovers his room in a mess and is horrified to find Sayaka lying dead in the shower room, having been stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife. As Makoto becomes angered by this tragic turn of events, Monokuma explains that one of the students is responsible for her murder and they must judge for themselves who the killer is in a "class trial". If the guilty culprit is successfully deduced, that person will be executed, but if they accuse the wrong person, then the culprit will get to escape the academy whilst everyone else will be put to death.

Where do Makoto and Kyoko find the dead?

After being granted access to all previously locked rooms, Makoto and Kyoko investigate the dorm's second floor and find a hidden room in the headmaster's lodge. There, they discover the remains of Kyoko's father, who had died long before the killing game started, along with an SD Card containing video interviews of all the students agreeing to spend their lives in Hope's Peak Academy, although Monokuma pulls the plug before the video gets too far. Whilst Kyoko deals with the revelation that her father cared more about her than she thought, Makoto uses the headmaster's e-handbook to open some lockers, finding some textbooks allegedly belonging to Yasuhiro and a notebook containing Kyoko's handwriting, hinting at there being two 'Despair' students. Afterwards, Makoto visits the science lab, being used as a morgue, noticing some curious wounds on Mukuro's body before Monokuma gives him a photo featuring all sixteen students except for himself. As the class trial soon begins, with Monokuma joining the fray, the other students reveal they had also received similar photos, only with them missing from their respective photos. Wondering where these photos came from, Makoto reveals the books he found, deducing they are each missing some of their memories, revealed to have been stolen by Monokuma. Makoto then accuses Monokuma of murdering Mukuro, deducing that Mukuro was murdered twice, pointing out the true cause of death were wounds eerily matching the ones Junko received. After Kyoko proves her innocence by revealing the shameful burns on her hands, Makoto deduces from Monokuma's obscured evidence the identity of the culprit, Monokuma's controller, and the academy's mastermind to be none other than the real Junko Enoshima, who soon appears and reveals herself to be the true Super High School Level Despair.