can somebody explain angel of death anime

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Angels of Death is horror anime series that is based on the Japanese video game of the same name. The game was developed by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN and published by Den Fami Nico Game Magazine in the year 2016 for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch devices. It has been later ported to the android and iOS platforms due to popular demand.

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What anime is better than Death Note?

Is there a series better than Death Note?

  1. Future Diary. Its terrible in my opinion.
  2. Madoka Magica. Good, but not for you.
  3. Fate/Stay and Fate/Zero (By Ufotable) are excellent, but not like death note.
  4. GTO is good, but not at all a Death Note type show.
  5. Zankyou no Terror (or Terror in Resonance): Doesn't even come close to Death Note.

What is the best death in anime?

[Top 15] Anime With a Lot of Death. 15. Basilisk. The Iga and Kouga clans have clashed for ages but are finally at peace. The heirs of these two clans fall in love in the true “Romeo and ... 14. Magical Girl Raising Project.

What makes Death Note a good anime?

what makes death note a good anime upto a certain episode (fans know what episode i am talking about) is because of the duo believing in a sense of justice clashing with each other because of their method of achieving it.the psyche of the antagonist became more and more pschopathic intensifying the game of wits between the duo.the mindgames are …

Is Death Note a scary anime?

No. Death note may seem weird or scary to someone who does not knows its story. *To anyone who has not watched death note, go right ahead, read the answer. No spoilers here.*. Yes, i know it has some scary looking characters like him. But really, death note is not a scary anime. Death note is a thriller anime.


What is the story of Angel of death anime?

Plot Summary: When 13-year-old Rachel Gardner goes to a hospital after apparently witnessing a murder, she wakes up with virtually no memories to find herself on floor B7 of a strange, underground facility, in which each unique floor houses one murderous resident in an environment elaborately tailored to their ...

What is the meaning of Angel of death ending?

Zack is found guilty for all the murders that he has done in the past as well as killing Rachel's parents and kidnapping her, and he is sentenced to death. The same night when Rachel learns the news, Zack breaks into her room, having escaped prison, and is there in order to fulfill their promise.

Does Angels of Death have an anime?

Angels of Death is a horror anime series adapted from a video game of the same title created by Makoto Sanada. The 16-episode series is produced by J.C.Staff and it premiered on July 6, 2018.

Is Angel of death anime a love story?

One could argue that Angels of Death is a tragic love story on top of its predominant horror genre. A psychological romance with death at the helm. Rachel Gardener and Isaac Foster, aka Zack, are murderers searching for a way out of a horror-and-death-filled building with multiple levels.

Does angel of death have Season 2?

Angels Of Death Season 2 is whipping around the corner quicker than faster than Zack's scythe. The entire story will be told with 16 episodes, and the four remaining episodes will start streaming in the 2018 fall anime season… with a surprise catch!

Does Zack care about Rachel?

In the game, he thinks Rachel acts "like a robot" at first. But by the end, Rachel and Zack are literally finishing each other's sentences. Rachel even calls Zack out for being so "devoted" to her. Their relationship is dysfunctional, but Zack shows Rachel how much he cares, begging her to not die on him in the game.

Is Azrael the angel of death?

Azrael, Arabic ʿIzrāʾīl or ʿAzrāʾīl, in Islam, the angel of death who separates souls from their bodies; he is one of the four archangels (with Jibrīl, Mīkāl, and Isrāfīl) and the Islamic counterpart of the Judeo-Christian angel of death, who is sometimes called Azrael.

Why is Zack covered in bandages?

His whole body is covered in bandages which are used to hide his burned skin. He has short black hair and anisocoria, a condition in which the eyes are unequally dilated, his left eye being light brown and his right eye being light orange.

Is Angels of Death worth watching?

There was a lot of hype around this show but I think it completely lives up to it. Even the English dub is executed wonderfully. The concept is very abstract and I think it has an excellent story. All in all it's fantastic, and if you want a dark show with a bit of a thrill this show is perfect.

What anime should I watch if I like Angels of Death?

Danganronpa is a very successful game series in Japan and will definitely give you the same vibe as Angels of Death. Although, it is more of a high-stakes-game title, both stories involve being stuck in a weird unfamiliar building memory loss and killing for survival.

What age rating is Angels of Death anime?

THEM Anime Reviews 4.0 - Angels of Death. Genre: Horror ( And Slice of Death?) Distributor: Currently licensed by Kadokawa USA, also available streaming on Crunchyroll. Content Rating: TV-MA (Violence, mature themes.)

First Possible Angels of Death Ending

This is based on a thought-up conclusion: Rachel has been canonically diagnosed with mental delirium.

Second Possible Angels of Death Ending

The next one could be that of the angel’s death’s final chapter. I’m choosing to believe in.

Third Possible Angels of Death Ending

Now, we have the “ most likely happened but this show made us cry way more than we anticipated so we refuse to accept that this was the end ” concluding.


umm... let's see i has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, and also i am not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.

Alt title: Satsuriku no Tenshi

Most girls that wake up in the home of a serial killer would panic, but not Ray. In fact, her meeting with the killer Zack is actually quite convenient because her only wish is to find a good way to die.


First off, if you're looking for a story about two angsty characters who undergo the typical anime redemption arc, then this show is NOT FOR YOU. It is not a "warm fuzzy" story about how the villain becomes the good guy in the end and ta-dah la-la land. The characters in this show are WAY more complex than that.

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What language is Angels of Death written in?

In the anime, the writing seen on the interior walls of the building in Angels of Death is written in modern English. In contrast, the wall writing in the game is often written in older, Shakespearean English.

What is the difference between anime and game?

While this difference between the game and the anime is primarily due to the difference in mediums, it does change the overall story. The anime is focused on the characters' existential goals, while the gameplay is focused on completing tasks.

What is the scene in the anime where Zack saves Rachel from Doctor Danny?

When Zack saves Rachel from Doctor Danny in a deus ex machina moment, he seems more romantic than in the game. In this scene of the anime, Zack is violent but it feels justified given Danny's intentions to maim Rachel. Both first impressions are dark, but the anime casts Zack in a more favorable light.

What did Zack do in Angels of Death?

Zack makes a shocking entrance in Angels of Death. In both the game and the anime, he busts in with his scythe, killing Rachel's bird. He proceeds to torment Rachel and chase her with his scythe.

What does Cathy call Rachel and Zack?

The English-language game version of Cathy is also hell-bent on calling Rachel and Zack "sinners." It's her favorite word, and she uses it in nearly every sentence. But in the anime, she refers to Rachel and Zack as "criminals" instead.

How many episodes are there in Survival Horror?

RELATED: Must-Watch Anime For Survival Horror Fans. The game version has 4 episodes, each focusing on a major antagonist, while the anime version has 16 episodes. The anime stays very true to its source material, but there are many differences between the game and the anime adaptation.

What does Danny mean in the anime?

In the anime, Danny goes from a neutral doctor figure to being a maniacal homicidal villain pretty quick. But the game version takes Danny's creepiness to the next level. In the English-language version of the game, Danny only ever refers to Rachel's eyes as "peepers.".

When did Angels of Death come out?

Developed by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN and published by Den Fami Nico Game Magazine, the game was originally released as freeware for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch on August 14, 2015.

How many episodes are there in Angels of Death season 1?

Angels of Death season 1, consisting of 12 episodes, premiered on July 6, 2018 and ran till September 21 of the same year. Less than a month later, four original net animation (ONA) special episodes were released between October 5 and October 28, much to the delight of fans. However, as it stands, Season 2 is yet to be confirmed.

Why does Rachel ask Zack to kill her?

Believing death to be the answer to her woes, Rachel asks Zack to kill her if she can use her intelligence to help them escape the building. Later, it is revealed that Rachel had witnessed her father murder her mother and, in a moment of terror and fury, had killed her father in retaliation.

Where can I watch Angels of Death English dub?

If you want to watch the show in English, you can find dubbed episodes on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and ANIPLUS.

Who killed Rachel in the book?

Rachel, owing to her tender age, does not immediately grasp the seriousness of the issue and ventures into floor B6, where she is almost killed by a serial killer named Zack. However, she survives the ordeal and learns that Zack is planning to escape, and joins in.

What is Rachel's personality?

As far as Rachel’s personality is concerned, she comes off as someone emotionless and exhibits a calm exterior. However, beneath Rachel’s calm exterior lies a darkness – she has a morbid interest in stitching up people and animals she deems to be “imperfect” and harbors a blind faith in and a twisted perception of God.

What does Cathy say about Ray?

With all the testimonies against her, Gray declares Ray a witch and sentences her to be burned at the stake. 11. "'Cause You Are My God, Zack".

What happened to Zack's mother in The Outsiders?

One night, her father finally snapped and stabbed her mother to death, prompting her to take her mother's gun and shoot her father to death.

Why does Gray shoot Danny?

Gray shoots Danny again to prevent him from shooting Zack. As Zack carries Ray through the exit, Gray has a final conversation with Danny, revealing that he became fascinated with how Ray and Zack managed to change each other, and how he's come to realize that everybody is a human, both flawed and beautiful.

What does Gray express when she meets Danny?

Gray expresses discomfort at Ray actions all the while observing her in each floor. Finally, they reach Danny's floor, only for Ray to discover in a panic that all the medicine and Danny's body are missing. With no other choice, she follows Gray back to Zack's floor.

When does Zack go deeper into the floor?

September 21, 2018. ( 2018-09-21) Zack heads deeper into the floor, opening a room at the end of the corridor filled with fake flowers and the corpses of a couple unnaturally stitched together with thread. Ray begins to go hysterical, begging him to kill her, before fainting.

How old is Rachel Gardner?

July 6, 2018. ( 2018-07-06) After witnessing a murder, 13-year-old Rachel "Ray" Gardner is sent to a hospital for counselling only to wake up in an unfamiliar building with no memory of how she got there. There, the only way out is through an elevator, where a machine-generated voice over an intercom decrees her as a "sacrifice" for ...

How many episodes are there in Angels of Death?

Angels of Death. episodes. Angels of Death is a horror anime series adapted from a video game of the same title created by Makoto Sanada. The 16-episode series is produced by J.C.Staff and it premiered on July 6, 2018.

How many Ajin are there in the world?

While they appear to be human, Ajin are rare, immortal beings that are feared by the populace. Only 46 are known to exist in the world, and most try to hide their existence, for capture means being subjected to brutal experiments that never end. Kei Nagai is a boy who dreams of becoming a doctor to heal his sister one day, but after he dies - and revives - in a car accident, he learns the terrifying truth that he too is an Ajin. Now, Kei finds himself on the run from both human and Ajin monsters that wish to do him harm, while struggling with his new, unwanted identity.

What is Hyakkaou Private Academy?

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What is the purpose of Angels of Death and TPN?

spaceytokito says... These series both have the same psychological interest. The purpose in both TPN and Angels of Death is escaping the place they're confined to, and both animes were also simliar in the fact that knowing their allies and their foes was never a certainy.

What does Michiru see?

Michiru has an unusual ability: she can see a dark ring around a person's neck that signifies their time to die. However, she suppressed her powers once she "saw" the deaths of her parents – until now. After accidentally seeing rings around the necks of two boys in her school, it seems that Michiru's powers are back for good. The two are zombies who are working for the secret loan office known as Zombie-Loan, and they need Michiru's help to find other zombies – those with dark black rings around their necks. Though Michiru initially refuses, due to a series of events it seems she has no choice but to comply...

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What is Hope's Peak Academy?

Hope’s Peak Private Academy is a super-exclusive institute that gathers the best and the brightest, provides them with a world-class education, and propels them into any career they wish. At least, that’s what the average student Naegi used to think. Having been accepted into a class of 15 students through a lottery system, the boy quickly comes to learn that Hope’s Peak is no ordinary school. In reality, he and the group find themselves trapped inside and learn that the only way to "graduate" is to murder a fellow student and fool everyone in a trial that determines life or death! Led by the whimsically-cruel, teddy-bear-like Monobear, Naegi and the others must do whatever it takes to escape this bizarre, deadly game.

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