can anime body pillows talk to you

by Ms. Berenice Barton 7 min read

Are all body pillows depicted inappropriately in anime?

As an anime fan and a body pillow owner, I can safely say that not all body pillows are depicted inappropriately. I own one that’s actually very tame, and they aren’t that hard to find if you look hard enough. If she has a specific character in mind, maybe do some research into the character?

Do guys like to use body pillows?

Some do, body pillows are just oversized bed pillows. They can be used by everyone. And because some of these pillows are manipulatable, they work well for guys who enjoy sleep while hugging things. My husband used my body pillow after pregnancy.

Are your dakimakuras shaped like the anime characters?

You need professionals who can reliably get the job done at the pace your project requires. We recommend starting by(Continue reading) Mine aren’t quite dakimakuras, but they are actually shaped like the anime characters themselves, with different fabrics and amazing details.


What is the point of anime body pillows?

Otaku have been fond of body pillows for quite some time, as printed pillowcases allow them to literally sleep with their favorite character. But Koichi is taking the craze a step further. His product, Itaspo, uses sophisticated sensors that – when touched – allow the pillow to talk.

Are anime body pillows legit?

Is animedakimakurapillo a scam or a legit company? Answer: They are a scam. They sell fake products for high prices, art is stolen from well known artists online.

What do you call an anime pillow?

A dakimakura (抱き枕; from daki 抱き "to embrace or cling" and makura 枕 "pillow") is a type of large pillow from Japan. The word is often translated to English as body pillow or waifu pillow. In Japan, dakimakura are similar to Western orthopedic body pillows, and are commonly used by Japanese youth as "comfort objects".

Is it okay to have a body pillow?

Is it bad to have a body pillow? No, there is nothing wrong about sleeping with a body pillow. In fact, you might discover using one improves your sleep. Certain body pillows are specially designed for pregnant women, most of them can be used by both men and women.

Is it okay to buy dakimakura?

If you're mentally stressed and you're looking for a pillow that you can feel comfortable around, then dakimakuras can be a great choice for you. These are just some of the reasons why you should definitely get a dakimakura for yourself. Ultimately, dakimakuras are great and serve a lot of amazing purposes.

What was the first anime body pillow?

Dakimakura pillowDakimakura pillow was first manufactured by the Japanese company “Cospa.” In the early '90s, Cospa created a pillowcase for body pillows with the popular anime characters printed on it. With the anime culture already spiraling out of control in Japan, these pillowcases with anime characters took off instantly.

How does a body pillow work?

The body pillow provides total body support, relieving pressure points in the back, neck and hips, and soothing aching muscles. A body pillow cradles you from shoulders to feet, easing your back and legs and allowing you to find a comfortable sleeping position throughout the night.

Who invented anime?

Osamu Tezuka (手塚 治虫, b. 手塚 治, Tezuka Osamu;3 November 1928 – 9 February 1989) was a Japanese cartoonist, manga artist, and animator.

What does waifu stand for?

Waifu is a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great, and sometimes romantic, affection for.

How do you hug a body pillow?

So, what do you do with your hands? Don't worry about putting them in that awkward T-Rex position sleepers hate. Instead, hug the pillow or just place your top hand astride it. This will keep your arms from feeling scrunched or curled up and has the added bonus of keeping you from rolling away from the pillow.

Is hugging a pillow good for you?

The pillow hugger sleeping position actually has many benefits, most of which are psychological. Pillow hugging has a similar effect on the body as hugging a significant other. It triggers the release of oxytocin in the brain, which in turn can relieve pain, boost your immune system and alleviate stress.

Can I use a pregnancy pillow if I'm not pregnant?

Sometimes U-shaped or C-shaped, these pillows offer support to pregnant people trying to find comfortable sleeping positions that accommodate their growing bellies. Turns out pregnancy pillows can also be great for the nonpregnant just trying to find comfortable sleeping positions that don't put pressure on our spines.

Improving Sleep Quality

Many people tend to sleep well on comfortable pillows. An anime body pillow is just of the same kind. It helps improve sleep quality by increasing comfort levels and reducing pressure on joints and other parts of the body.

Otaku Traits

An anime body pillow can be the best otaku possession! It is unique and is super comfortable. Since there are a lot of different options for anime characters, you can get your favourite anime character body pillow as well!

Relieving Stress

Stressful or depressed people tend to think a lot, especially when they are alone. Owning an anime body pillow is a huge advantage to such people as it gives them emotional support. The anime character makes them feel safe and gives them a sense of relief that they’re not alone. Consequently, an anime body pillow can be a great stress reliever.

Relieving Body Pain

An anime body pillow is ideal for people with back pain, and those who want help in aligning their neck and spine. This is why they are orthopaedic pillows. These are great for physical support as they provide support to our hips, back, neck, and stomach.


Now, individuals tend to feel lonely as they get in their teens and need someone by their side most of the time. An anime body pillow helps with the little desires of having an imaginary partner that fulfils one’s emotional support. An anime body pillow can be used for cuddling.

How old is your son when you say "nice pillow"?

Say, “Hey, nice pillow.”. You say your son is 15 years old. In less than 3 years, he will be 18, an adult legally allowed to make his own decisions, go where he wants to go, spend his money as he sees fit, live where he wants to live, choose his own education and career and friends and spouse and life.

What is the difference between anime and manga?

For the first part I would just give them a very literal, basic description of what anime and manga is. Anime is a Japanese animated show, and manga is a Japanese comic. It would probably help them understand if you gave them a western equivalent.

Is the Simpsons an anime?

To the Japanese, "Spongebob SquarePants is just as much an anime as "One Piece" and "The Simpsons" is every bit as anime as ”Naruto" is.