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What is a sister's all you need?

A Sister's All You Need (妹さえいればいい。, Imōto Sae Ireba Ii.) is a Japanese light novel series written by Yomi Hirasaka and illustrated by Kantoku.

Who are Itsuki Hashima's Little Sisters?

These are the musings of little sister-lover and novelist Itsuki Hashima, who only writes works featuring little sisters. Around him gather a number of unique people: genius author/pervert Nayuta, female college student Miyako, illustrator Puriketsu, and the brutish tax accountant Ashley.

What are the best anime series to watch in Japan?

Shigaraki-san (2014–2016) Imōto Sae Ireba Ii. Gaiden: Imōto ni Saenareba Ii! (2016–2018) My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X (2021) Natsu no Arashi!


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I Only Need a Little Brother Who Can Cook, a Beautiful Naked Girl, and Friends I Can Relate To.


Even though the title suggests that this is an incest, sister-obsessed Eromanga 2.0 but no, it's not. This anime is totally different.


lolz. that first minute and a half of this was so absolutely cringe I almost dropped it right there and then before I realized what was going on. :)

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Who wrote the anime?

Anime. An anime television series adaptation, directed by Shin Oonuma and produced by Silver Link, aired from October 8 to December 24, 2017. Author Yomi Hirasaka wrote the scripts, Sumie Kinoshita designed the characters, and Tomoki Kikuya composed the music.

Who is Itsuki Hashima's stepbrother?

After the draft for a new work is rejected by his editor, Kenjirō Toki, light novel author Itsuki Hashima hangs out at his home with his stepbrother Chihiro Hashima, his former collegemate Miyako Shirakawa and fellow authors Nayuta Kani and Haruto Fuwa. 2.

Why does Itsuki hide her gender?

The reason why she hides her real gender is because their father thought she was in danger when he found out about Itsuki's obsession during his novel debut. She hides her true identity only in front of Itsuki and his acquaintances.

How old is Itsuki?

Itsuki is a 20-year-old author who has an obsession towards younger sisters. He is a novelist who debuted when he was in high school; all of his novels feature younger sisters as the heroine. In the span of five years, he has published 20 books, some of which have ranked in the top 10 weekly rankings for light novels on Oricon. Despite his success, his irrational personality and writing style has led to mediocre ratings compared to his fellow writers. His relationship with his father became worse when his father remarried to Chihiro's mother only three years after Itsuki's mother died. Towards the end of the series, he proposed to Nayuta. The series ends with him being married to Nayuta and them having a son named Sora.

What is the story of Itsuki's mother and father's remarriage?

The story of how Itsuki lost his mother and his father's remarriage with Chihiro's mother created a rift between them is revealed , as well as Chihiro's true nature that only Itsuki and his friends are unaware of. Haruto ironically also begins to understand Itsuki's opinion on little sisters. 11.

Who voices Nayuta Kani?

Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese); Jamie Marchi (English) Nayuta is an 18-year-old genius novelist who debuted after she won a newcomer prize. Nayuta Kani is her pseudonym and at first even Itsuki does not know her real name.

Who voices Miyako Itsuki?

Voiced by: Risa Taneda (1st drama CD), Ai Kakuma (2nd drama CD & anime) (Japanese); Sara Ragsdale (English) Miyako is Itsuki's classmate at college who at first had a bad first impression towards him. While Miyako does not understand Itsuki's stories, she became his fashion advisor to help him with his novel.