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Why do anime characters love flowers and plants?

When it comes to anime, there are many characters that have unusual or different hobbies - some like dolls, some like history, and others have very unique obsessions or loves. Flowers and plants are a big feature in anime as they are used to enhance a character's beauty or are given to people in a show of romance.

Who is Shizuma love of flowers?

Shizuma is one of the characters that was created to have a love of everything floral-related. Even her last name is related to flowers as Hanazono means flower or blossom. Charlotte Roselei, a noblewoman of House Roselei, is the Captain of the Blue Rose and is a lover of flowers.

Who are the voice actors in the anime?

Voice cast Character Japanese English Mido Rina Satō Allegra Clark Tita (Dita) Yōko Hikasa Yuki Kurimoto (young) Ryan Bartley Catie Harvey (young) Medmel Misaki Kuno Brooklyn Nelson Courtney Chu (young) Izor Tomokazu Sugita Marc Thompson 8 more rows ...


Is Maquia a sad anime?

Anime has gifted us some beautifully emotional films, including Maquia and A Silent Voice, so here are five tear-inducing films and how to watch them.

Is Maquia a series?

"Let's Hold the Promised Flowers in the Morning of Farewells"), officially abbreviated as Sayoasa (さよ朝), is a 2018 Japanese animated high fantasy drama film written and directed by Mari Okada and produced by P.A. Works....Maquia: When the Promised Flower BloomsBox office$4.3 million19 more rows

How long is maquia when the promised flower blooms?

1h 55mMaquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms / Running time

Does Maquia fall in love with Ariel?

It is strongly hinted that Ariel grows to love Maquia as more than a mother, but neither characters act on these emotions.

Is when the promised flower blooms worth watching?

This has to be one of the best films I've seen recently as well as one of the best anime films I've ever seen period. Beautifully animated with a well crafted story that made a 24 year old man cry. I highly recommend watching it.

What is the plot of Maquia?

The people of Iolph are known for two things: their youthful longevity and peaceful lives weaving tapestry. When that is disturbed and their home thrown into chaos by those believing that their blood gifts longer life, Maquia loses not only her friends, but a place to return to.Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms / Film synopsis

What species is Maquia?

Indeed, in addition to the many species of fish, amphibians, and reptiles, the Maquia Bog is composed of aguajes (Mauritia fluexosa), a tree species specific to this ecosystem in the Amazon.

How did Maquia end?

Though the ending to Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms was rather straightforward — Maquia accepts loss as a part of life, and though sad, celebrates the time spent with Ariel — the very final shot after the credits leaves room for speculation.

Can kids watch Maquia?

No MPAA rating; Rightstuf suggests 13+.

Is Maquia immortal?

Maquia (Manaka Iwami) is a Lolph, legendary, immortals, who spend their days on a loom weaving “Hibiol” and valuable piece of cloth, where seemingly the history of humanity is woven together.

Is there romance when the promised flower blooms Maquia?

Maquia is not a romance; it's about mothers and the trials they endure for the sake of their children. This theme actually makes the plot somewhat unusual among anime, and by setting the story in a medieval fantasy world with dragons and elf-like people, Maquia becomes a distinctive work in general.

How old is Maquia?

15-year-oldMaquia is a 15-year-old Iorphian orphan. She adopts Ariel after her country is destroyed in an attack by the Mezarte nation.

Why do anime have flowers?

Flowers and plants are a big feature in anime as they are used to enhance a character's beauty or are given to people in a show of romance. For others, their love of flowers manifests in their abilities - this means that these characters are able to use flower or plant manipulation magic.

What does Mimosa mean by "plant magic"?

Mimosa has Plant Magic, meaning that she can manipulate and use plants offensively and defensively.

What does Shizuma love?

Shizuma also loves gifting flowers, as can be seen when she gifts some to Nagisa on passing her French exam. Shizuma is one of the characters that was created to have a love of everything floral-related. Even her last name is related to flowers as Hanazono means flower or blossom.

What does Yui Yamada love?

10 Yui Yamada Loves Flowers And Helps To Beautify Her School (Kase-San And Morning Glories) Yui Yamada is one of the main characters in Kase-san and Morning Glories. This is an incredibly sweet anime about two girls who have to learn to navigate their growing feelings for one another. In this anime, Yui loves plants and gardening.

What is Shirayuki's dream?

4 Shirayuki Dreams Of Becoming A Pharmacist One Day (Snow White With The Red Hair) Shirayuki is the strong-willed, kind, and determined main protagonist in Snow With With The Red Hair and is one of the many characters in anime that loves flowers.

Who is the main character in Blue Exorcist?

8 Shiemi Moriyama Made A Deal With A Demon And Planned On Staying In Her Garden Forever (Blue Exorcist) Shiemi Moriyama is one of the main protagonists in Blue Exorcist and joins the Exorcist Cram School with the help of Rin and Yukio Okumura. Shiemi loves flowers and gardens.

Is Charlotte the Blue Rose related to the fairy tale?

As her surname suggests, her family is tied to the rose, and she even had a curse that resembles the one found in the fairy tale, Briar Rose. Not only that, but the crest for the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad is a rose, and even Charlotte’s magical abilities are rose-related.

Alt title: Gureumi Piwonaen Kkot

Hong Lyon, a pitiful young princess with only a title and no authority, meets a young boy named Do Un, who offers to help her become a true royal princess.


This is on of the Webtoons that had a lot of potential and intriguing at first but it went downhill at a rapid rate and it became hard to watch <SPOILERS> Aight so we have our MC getting betrayed by the other royals and she's the lowly princess of the mix blah blah blah some young boy comes to help her write and educate the girl but he was kinda cold at first and was a bit of a hole as a kid, and of course our young MC starts to simp for him, but he has a cold personality and it rubbed off on her after awhile and she starts to lack emotion cliche.

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Maquia is a member of a special race called the Iorph—mystical beings who can live for hundreds of years and remain separate from the lives and daily troubles of mankind. However, Maquia has always felt lonely despite being surrounded by her people, as she was orphaned from a young age.


Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou, abbreviated as SayoAsa, is the directorial debut of screenwriter Mari Okada. Outside of Japan, the film made its international premiere at the 2018 Glasgow Film Festival.